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 百特 产品信息 Redpine Signals 802.11n WiFi 应用系统
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编号 型号 描述 价格(RMB)
1 RS9110-N-11-61 The RS9110-N-11-61 RTLS Tag is a member of the Find-iT™ family, which comprises modules and ready-to-use tags for locating assets using WLAN infrastructure. The RS9110-N-11-61 Tag is a complete IEEE 802.11bgn client device that forms the core of RTLS solutions over WLAN. The tag is certified for the Cisco Compliant Extensions program's Tag specifications v1. The tag includes a motion sensor which it uses to decide the frequency of packet transmissions. It can be configured to transmit multiple packets (upto 16) on multiple WLAN channels at a selectable transmission rate and power. The frequency of packet transmission in static and mobile modes is also programmable. 立即购买


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